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About Us

Honest by Design

Travel O Sri Lanka

Travel o Sri Lanka is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods from Sri Lanka, where Sri Lanka,’s 3000 yeas of extraordinary artistic heritage and achievements are showcased with an array of one of a kind pieces. 

Exquisite Items

We have exquisite items, from traditional artifacts, handcrafted pieces to imaginative spiritual works Our main areas of intreats are oil paintings, hand crafted works, sculptures and deco.

Supporting Artists

We care about supporting artists, small businesses and creative people in Sri Lanka. This is the reason why we built this creative marketplace. We help them to grow there passion to a successful business while promoting respect between cultures. By buying any of our products you are supporting to help build sri lanka’s economy.

Art Shop

Located in Colombo and xxxxxx our Art Shop is home to a world class art collection. Our Art Shop features works from some of the most prestigious artists in Sri Lanka like Anil Arumapura.

One of a Kind

Most of our pics are one of a kind, From contemporary paintings, sculptures to traditional handcrafts our art create a link between you and your moments in life. You can be assured of the highest quality art at exceptional prices.

Speaks to your Feelings

We believe art is personal connection to your moments in life, Your can find imaginative unique handcrafted work of art to enhance your life, your moments, to inspire you to do things. Each piece have its own information connecting to its history or function, providing a deeper appreciation and understanding of each inspirational work. Whether you are a professional art collector, dealer or enthusiast you are sure to discover many work of art that speaks to your feelings.